About Raw Earth Ink and Submissions

Raw Earth Ink was created in 2019 in order to fill a spot that I wasn’t seeing a lot of in the publishing world. A place where it is less about the publisher making money and more about giving opportunity to indie authors to see their work in print with a high quality product without draining the author dry. One where the publisher works as a team with the author, rather than as the boss. Personally, I’ve never been into material possessions and the search for the almighty dollar, as a neo-hippie and a minimalist, so I wanted to create a place for new authors to be discovered by new readers, without taking a lot of their money.

As such, Raw Earth Ink charges very minimally, just enough to cover the cost of the ISBNs and administrative fees, such as editing, proofing, formatting, graphic design, and advertising.

Currently, Raw Earth Ink provides these services:

  • book cover creation
  • logo design
  • business card design
  • high quality book publishing
  • proofreading (limited availability)
  • editing
  • interior formatting review

You can send an email to raw.earth.ink@gmail.com to discuss possibilities or find me on Instagram @tara_caribou.

Raw Earth Ink is currently accepting submissions for: short story collections, novels, novellas, poetry collections, art/photography books. *Currently Not Accepting: horror genre, ‘romance’ genre. **Children’s books and non-fiction can be sent to our imprint, Wild Badger Books.

Make sure you stop by my Published Authors page to discover new indie authors and my Published Works page to see books, upcoming books, and current open submissions for anthologies.

Business Review:

Raw Earth Ink, an Alaskan based micro-publisher owned by tara caribou has produced some extremely high caliber works from some outstanding international talent. Caribou has a savvy eye when it comes to picking up talent, it’s that simple, and she harnesses those talents magnificently in her publications….

[She] is obsessive, passionate, and precise in her publishing skills and it really shows in her expertise as a publisher, her publications are flawless, high quality and passionately produced. She is an equal-opportunity publisher, giving back to her indie authors and ensuring their voices are elevated by the beautiful publications she creates.

~Candice Louisa Daquin, thefeatheredsleep.com

Things to consider before submitting your manuscript for consideration:

  • Timeliness: how soon are you expecting your book to be published? It can take 6-8 months or longer from the time of submission to publication.
  • Versions: what versions are you expecting to see your book in? Paperback, hard cover, e-book, or a combination.
  • Cover: do you need a cover created? Do you have one already or an idea of what you’d like?

How to submit your book:

  • Submit your book in .docx
  • Use page breaks between separate poems/chapters; do not manually enter to a “new page”
  • Include in your email:
    • Your name
    • Your pseudonym
    • Your book title
    • Genre
    • Approximate length, either word count or page count
    • Additional information or questions you may have
  • Email raw.earth.ink@gmail.com

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