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Sketch – The Artist’s Epilogue (Portraits pt. 5)

Sitting on a corner bench in a busy weekend airport, her hand moves to the frayed satchel strapped across her chest. Her eyes drift closed and she immerses herself. Shoes clacking and slapping across the worn tiles. Voices rise and fall as they pass… Continue Reading “Sketch – The Artist’s Epilogue (Portraits pt. 5)”


Little mouse quakes and shivers Little mouse twitches her whiskers Little mouse watches from the dark corner under the coffee table Her heart stirs Her heart goes pitter-patter Her heart nearly bursts within her breast She sees what she wants She sees the path… Continue Reading “Faint-heart”

Walking With Scars

with your hand around my throat and my eyes fading grey edges burning in and taking over colors mute and for a split second all becomes clear you pour out all your wrath and vehemence on my broken body the cracks and fractures and… Continue Reading “Walking With Scars”

Lost and Found

Lotus walks along a wooded glade searching ever for something, something she knows not what but something she is sure she has lost long ago. Her feet step lightly as she passes through deeper still within the pine-scented forest, the light fading slightly. Occasionally… Continue Reading “Lost and Found”

Already F#ck€d

Fuck me darling Lay me right over Bind me any way you want Cover my eyes in silk Suck my soul out And fuck me Break me into tiny pieces Grind me beneath your heel Don’t waver in your realness Just fuck me Bruise… Continue Reading “Already F#ck€d”


Wired Tied down Listening in Hear that? It’s me The inner most parts Heart tones Seeking out notes Back-filling and tempo Static and background noise Wired Pushing out from beneath my skin My temples Wrists Lungs and heart Electrodes Observing Whish-Whoosh, Whish-Whoosh Listen long… Continue Reading “Wired”

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