Raw Earth Ink Anthologies

Static Dreams Volume One

A Dark Anthology from Twisted Minds

Within the dark mindscape of our twisted dreams come tales of revenge and righteous vindication, deep-seated mistrust and hidden truths brought into the light.

Nine short stories from Indie authors: A.P. Christopher, River Dixon, Robert Birkhofer, Agyani, Lou Rasmus, Braeden Michaels, M. Ennenbach, Mark Ryan, and tara caribou.

Where to buy: lulu, Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes and Noble. Goodreads.

Static Dreams Volume Two

A Dark Anthology from Twisted Minds

Shadows twist over our night terrors, bringing with them more tales of haunted pasts, hidden futures, broken promises, and the blood necessary to hold it all together.

Nine more tales from Indie authors: Patrick Walts, River Dixon & tara caribou, Sam Kirk, Christopher Allen Waldrop, M. Ennenbach, Mark Towse, Mark Ryan, Bobby Blade, and Chris Nelson.

Where to buy: lulu, Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes and Noble. Goodreads.

The Poets Symphony

Verses, Melodies, and Lyrical Poems

A collection of fine poetry and musical art composed by thirty-one artists and writers.

Where to buy: lulu, Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes and Noble. Goodreads.

The Shadows of Blackout Island

short story anthology

Rumor and speculation surround the possible inhabitants of Blackout Island, located just a few miles off the coast. Conspiracy theories abound while social media leaks surface about government experiments gone wrong. Something wicked has been unleashed…

Seven stories by authors: L.E. Aleman, Darren Diarmuid, Lauren Rylant, A.P. Christopher, -M. Taggart, M. Ennenbach, and Joann L. Berg.

Where to buy: lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kindle. Goodreads.

Creation and the Cosmos

A Poetic Anthology Inspired by Nature

Discover nature’s revelation transformed into poetry, rhyme, digital photographic art, painting, photography, and more. Throughout these pages, thirty-two artists and writers from all over the world express their emotions and thoughts as seen through the wide-open eyes of nature. From stars and moon, birds in flight, the raging storm, a deer’s quiet passing, the salty depths of the sea, rolling hills and towering mountains: there is art in all creation.

Where to buy: lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kindle. Goodreads.

The Hawthorne Project

horror anthology

Something haunts Hawthorne Drive, a cul-de-sac in Greenfield, Wisconsin. Everyone knows it’s alive but no one knows what it is. Hallucinations, visitations, and a faceless man. Mrs. Hawthorne keeps a tight lip about the mysterious death of her late husband years ago. Is it him? Or something even more nefarious?

Featuring stories from River Dixon, Chisto Healy, Tristan Drue Rogers & Sarah Anne Rogers, Lou Rasmus, Mark Ryan, Mark Towse, Joshua Marsella, Darren Diarmuid, Robert Birkhofer, and Jeremiah Fox.

Where to buy: Kindle and in paperback at lulu and Amazon. Goodreads.

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