Mezakiah (Explorations)

Journal Entry:

Stepping onto the intoxicating world Mezakiah, my breath was immediately taken away. I’ve visited many places as you know but this one… this one is a gem in its own right. I had heard rumors of the planet amongst the Travelers such as myself whom I had the pleasure of crossing paths with over the years but until I set foot upon it myself, I could do nothing but dream.

There was a phenomenon here when the planet was formed which caused it to grow much like a geode. The outer shell is a hard crystal-like material which perfectly allows light in through tall, haphazardly grown crystal shafts. Standing within, light emanates from these columns, which can jut into the sky a thousand meters or more. Some have, as is to be expected, broken off and fallen in millennium past, creating shards and boulders and giant piles interspersed here and there and is very lovely to behold.

Rather than looking over a horizon that curves away from the eye, standing (within) on the surface of Mezakiah, one looks overhead and sees not sky in the distance but instead the land of the planet directly across the circumference. The outside shell is, as I understand it, moderately smooth such as a raw quartz crystal. And in fact, the similarities do not end there as the crystal spires themselves are six-sided with a mild taper, extending out in all manner of assorted angles into the air.

Speaking of the air, it is crisp and sweet and stimulating, a real refreshing of the senses. More so than any I’ve breathed before. It has a natural healing quality to it which leaves me feeling youthful. Couple this with the light gravity, which is approximately half that of earth-standard, and one nearly feels as if you could jump high enough, you could simply spread your arms and fly.

The surface of the planet, a mere half-kilometer in thickness, is covered in a springy bright bluish-green moss interspersed with all manner of flowering plant and berries. Trees, of sorts, grow thickly, especially near the bases of the crystals. There are several varieties. Some giants with wide, spreading canopies, thick trunks a dozen men hand-in-hand could scarce encircle and long ropey vines hanging from strong branches. Some shorter, stockier trees, more like bushes really, with intertwining and twisting limbs and tiny pale flowers. A tall, thin variety that grows long, shiny leaves in the deepest red hue, looking very nearly like blood, as I have ever seen previous. They are quite beautiful to behold. Their scent reminded me of orange and eucalyptus.

It feels lush and full of life, does Mezakiah, so delightfully peaceful. There are seemingly endless species of flying avians in many shapes and colors. Each with their own unique call which makes for a constant background of song and whistles, chirps and warbles, although not overwhelmingly so. I have sketched here a few as best I can, but there are so very many and my hand is not steady enough to capture the rich diversity here.

Of note, I see no predation here and in fact the entire planet appears to live in complete symbiosis. The birds, for their part, feast on the wide array of seeds and fruits and nuts from which the plant matter springs forth from. Instead of stripping a plant down to nothing, they seem to carefully groom it before moving on. The only insect-life I have come across were pollinators and they also kept meticulous care of their home. All life here seems to be well aware of its unique individual role and that of the other life forms they share it with. Interconnected is the best way of describing it.

As I look about me, the realization has come to me that this world is about as perfect as one could imagine, really. With each entity living and thriving in accord with one another. Even the weather cooperates, a light and constant breeze moving always in the one direction, never gusting nor stilling completely. Each evening, as it is, for day and night are a bit ambiguous here, with the light always shining through the crystals somewhere or other, days wax and wane into dusk without becoming full twilight (except on the occasion the planet is eclipsed by one of its double moons, which happened several times during my stay), a thick dew rises upon the surfaces of every plant and crystal thereby providing a steady supply of water. There also runs a continuous network of connected streams and creeks, without any true source except that of itself, criss-crossing along the land. It is mildly eerie to look overhead with a spyglass and far off in the distance witness these glimmering ribbons and not expect them to rain down upon your head instead of staying within their banks as they do.

So this geode-like macrocosm world is a paradise of sorts. Many times we look about ourselves at the tragedy of violence and sigh out the words, ‘this is the way of the world’. And yet, it is not the way of the world everywhere. Harmony and unity can be found, if only we put our hearts and minds to it. I wish I could show you just a glimpse of the possibilities and wonder that traveling Mezakiah has shown me.

Sheer beauty
Crystal clear
Fresh and bright and clean

Global harmony
Impossible heights
Blissful and invigorating and natural

Glorious views
Unfathomable richness
Peace and joy and rest

Gentle glow
Perfect home
Quietude and tranquillity and serenity

That is Mezakiah

tara caribou | ©2018

This is part of my ongoing series in the category Explorations. Criticism and comments always welcome.

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