Wild Animals

It’s not that I really have to battle any real wild animals. I live rurally. Pretty rural. Out in the wilds of Alaska. But they’re out there… I know they are.

Oh wait….:

I mean honestly… this is what I primarily see. Mostly wild. I say mostly because to be honest, if they hear my voice, the bunnies come a-running… or hopping, to me. In a few moments I may be surrounded by them. I don’t mind. I’m kind of in love with them.

Of course, the bunnies bring other visitors.

Not exactly the best photo but this guy ate really well for while there. Going so far as to eviscerate one of the bunnies on my front porch. Blood and guts and shit and fur and bones spread out. What a joy that was to clean up…

But it’s not all bad.

This guy is, oh, twenty feet from my bedroom window. I see him almost daily. If not him then his mom and her new baby (it was babies but one didn’t live very long).

Fun fact: the moose here on the Kenai Peninsula almost exclusively have twins. No where else in the world do moose have so many. In fact, some years ago Montana sought to replenish their failing moose population and relocated females from this area to help. I don’t know if it’s working but that’s what they did.

Of course, I can drive a few minutes away to the beach and catch some more wild creatures to stare at.

About a month ago, I went to the beach one evening and there were hundreds of these jellyfish on the beach. This seems to be happening more and more frequently with massive die-offs. Two years ago there were thousands of dead seabirds on the beaches. There are hardly any shellfish left. Or starfish or other such tide pool creatures. Makes me sad.

Until next time… I’ll be watching you!

this post is for you, Jo. 😊

50 Comments on “Wild Animals

  1. I love this post. Also, people in Anchorage would put shiny coats on their small dogs because apparently eagles don’t like shiny chihuahuas.

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  2. While Cervidae having triplets is rare, twins are pretty common depending on the health of the environment. We have a doe here at the property this year with tripletes. Pretty cool.

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    • Yes Jim. The thing is, most moose only have one. The moose here (because yes conditions are basically perfect for them) have twins and triplets almost exclusively. At least this is what the fish and game scientists around here tell us.

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  3. Bunnies can be pretty dangerous. (Having watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail)


    But thanks. This was very cool. You live in an awesome part of the world. You are very lucky.

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  4. This is a really good and informative post 🙂.

    The picture with the jellyfish made me sad, I’ve just never seen so many in one place. Have you grown used to seeing that?

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    • I have not seen that many washed up before, no. The beach glittered with them. Made me super bummed. But it was more traumatic with all the birds. There were thousands. As a community, we set out to pick them up. It was crazy. The beach smelled so bad. Even the scavenger birds weren’t eating them. You know, I’ve lived here over forty years and twenty years ago there were tide pools full of all sorts of invertebrates. The harbors, you would see sea life beneath the surface. It’s not like that now. It’s hard to find starfish. When you do, they are malformed and very few. You don’t see many sea urchins or shellfish. In fact, we aren’t allowed to harvest clams on this side of the Inlet anymore. One year there was a massive die-off and they have never recovered. I can’t even describe all the ways the oceans have changed here. It makes me very sad.

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  5. It must be awesome to live in such a beautiful place with so many creatures all around. Loved you post! Thanks for sharing!

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    • Thanks Brianna! Alaska certainly has its own beauty, that’s for sure. There are a lot of things I love about this place. I’ve lived in Washington and Idaho as well and have visited a couple other places and everywhere I go there’s always some special beauty.

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      • I live in Washington. It is a beautiful place, I love the rain, the beautiful green trees, the ocean beaches… and I especially love the critters. I live in town so I don’t see any wild creatures in my yard(except birds, squirrils, raccoons)…You are so lucky!

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        • I lived over in Spokane, but drove to the coast once. It was so pretty. I loved the Palouse and all those marvelous fields. Spokane certainly had its share of overly-obese squirrels lol But I had a bird feeder and watching the birds was such a joy. There were all these quails (and their babies!) that would come twice a day. I LOVE quail. We don’t have them in Alaska.

          I also am a lover of the rain. I’m not really a fan of summer or the sun, myself. So the ocean and rain are my happy times. That’s so wonderful that you can see the beauty where you are too. 💕


        • The squirrels at my place are fat too…because they rob the bird feeder all the time. My cats sit at the window and stare at Chester (the squirrel) and he sits eating a sunflower seeds swishing his tail at them. If the cats are not at the window the little squirrel comes to the window and puts his nose against the glass looking in. So cute!
          When we take our cats on walks outside (I live in an apartment) we walk them on leashes. They go squirrel hunting…and in turn while they chase the squirrels up trees (and chase the birds) I in turn have to run in the chase too…leashes only extend out about 16 feet so…and the cats are fast! I am not! But the cats love the chase. I’d cry if they ever caught one of the creatures they were chasing though so I’m careful to not let them get too close.
          As for Summer I do love it but I love the rain a little more : ) I prefer light rain but it’s cool to sit and sip hot chocolate watching a heavy downpour outside. Not so much fun to get caught out in a heavy downpour. But you know Washington 🙂 Eastern Washington is dryer than where I live though.

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        • Awww that’s so cute! It’s great you let them hunt a bit, even if not successful 😁 It’s good for the city birds/squirrels to not get too comfortable anyway lol. Fat and lazy HAHA!

          For a short time I lived in southeast Alaska, which is all rainforest and everyone said how much it rains and I was like “it doesn’t rain enough!” lol

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