Nature Photography: Sunset Edition

It’s no secret I’m a night owl. I could probably count the number of sunrises I’ve actually seen on two hands… I might be exaggerating, because where I live here in Alaska in summer, sunrise and sunset aren’t too far apart. I’ve been awake to witness the rise about the time I’m going to sleep…

I hope you enjoy twenty of some of my favorite photogenic sunsets.

Not much beats a calm ocean at sunset. The whole world feels at peace.

Front porch view.

A couple years ago, millions of acres were burning in Alaska. The air quality was terrible. The one highway was closed and unless you could fly, there was no leaving the peninsula. It made for some amazing photos though.

Sunset on the right, sundog on the left.

Check out all that snow blowing off the volcano!!

The clouds don’t even look real!!

Thanks for hanging out,
tara caribou | ©2021

All photos taken by me. Also, I apologize if some are repeats from previous posts, I don’t always remember which I’ve used on not. 😌

36 Comments on “Nature Photography: Sunset Edition

      • I’m staring longingly out of the window while waiting for someone to show up at my flat to carry out an electrical repair. Otherwise I would be out there! It’s 3pm here and gets dark around 5pm at the moment so might have to postpone it until tomorrow unless they show up soon. Anyway, I’m rambling, but you’re right — nature can make us feel in awe of our Creator!

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    • I completely understand. I’ve never been a city person… though I do love the wheat fields of the Palouse in Washington state and the high deserts of Montana, for example. I love wide open places. Maybe that’s one thing that draws me to the sky and to the ocean.

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      • I spent many summers in Montana — both in the high plains and in the foothills of the Beartooths. And, after living in Seattle for the short time I did, I miss the forests and the mountains in the distance, no matter where you looked.

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        • I miss the ocean when I’m away too long. I suppose because I grew up so close to it. But I tend to find beauty no matter where I am. But yeah, mountains on the horizon is my every day. I love it.

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    • Oh yes! Also one of my very favorites. The air quality made the photo just amazing. It was SO COLD. Last winter we had three months where it never got above 10*… with five weeks of below 0*… this particular day it was a high of -18*… but wow it made it so beautiful everywhere.

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    • Oh, and no, I don’t. There are so many photographers with real skill and equipment. I have my old Nikon and my iPhone… I just take them mostly for myself and share a few on social media here and there. But I will be sharing more photos on my blog now, because it IS something I enjoy.

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  1. Simply beautiful, Tara. You are fortunate to live in a place that is so gorgeous. Having said that beauty is all around us, if we only open our eyes. Thanks for sharing these.

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