Ice and Snow Winter Photography

Hi friends, here’s another little glimpse at my little bit of Alaska. It was fairly chilly, relatively speaking, for a few weeks but now it’s been in the warm high-teens to mid-twenties (Fahrenheit degrees)… excluding wind chill of course. I can’t believe how warm it’s been and how little snow we’ve gotten. I hope that changes for the next month to build back up the water table and all that. I hope you enjoy these.

Frozen River.

Mount Spur (volcano) highest point on the right of these screen.

they say don’t look at the sun… I think its just so we won’t see how pretty it is. I’ve doing a lot of sun-gazing lately.

No camera filter, by the way… the cloud-layer was just perfect.

Of course, gotta have some ocean ice.

And I love textures.

Never get tired of this view.

It’s a little deceiving how big these boulders actually are. Not huge but… like 3-4′ tall each.

I braved hypothermia for these photos. It was worth it. This giant piece of ice is easily 10-12′ tall. You know it’s cold when the salty ocean freezes. This comes from the mouth of the river and the harbor then gets beached on the uh… beach.

tara caribou | ©2021
All images taken by me.

62 Comments on “Ice and Snow Winter Photography

    • No. Just the same two I usually use. I wish though. I’d love to upgrade and get a real camera but they are expensive! I’ll just keep playing around with what I have. 💕 Nature does most of the work, setting the stage. I just snap the pics.

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  1. Oh my word….. loving these images. They appeal straight to my soul. I need to travel, it’s calling me.

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    • I agree. When I lived in the states, at least where I lived, the cold didn’t feel as clean. Maybe it’s because I’m by the ocean now or maybe it’s because the amount of humans here is so low… I don’t know… but it sure is pretty.

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  2. That one with sun hanging over the water is amazing. I mean they’re all amazing, but I especially like that one.

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  3. I had to turn the heater on
    after viewing your icy pics ❄️
    Tara (and it’s Summer here
    Down Under 🌞). But as you
    said, they are well worth the
    hypothermia 😎

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  4. Warm? ha! It sure is pretty looking there, but that sounds brrrrrrr cold to me! But my blood is way thin living here in Florida. I love the shots of the giant ice and the sun in the clouds, looks like the moon. BTW I just watched the “Alaska Triangle” last night for the first time, interesting show. I never knew about this triangle. Are you in this area of Alaska at all, or do you know of it?

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    • That’s hilarious… I just looked it up because I hadn’t heard about it and I’ve been here since the 70s. Ummm we see strange phenomena all the time. I’ve seen what would be classified as a “UFO” (meaning something unidentifiable by civilians) here in Alaska multiple times as well as in Idaho state. Only once was I alone and I every time sober. Some strange things in the sky. Many people see the “Bigfoot” but it’s not quite what mainstream people say it is. This creature is seen from BC, Canada up to “barrow”… which isn’t what the town is called anymore. No, I don’t live in the Triangle, as described by the image I saw related to the show… I’m pretty sure that term was coined by the producers just to sensationalize it. LOL – don’t get me wrong, I believe in a lot of so-called “conspiracy theories” and I’ve witnessed enough to feel firm in my personal convictions… but I’m pretty sure some of these shows about Alaska are just to generate more income for the state, since tourism is so high. Discovery channel basically lives here anymore. And not favorably. Believe me, real locals are NOT like the people they show. I know, because I know some of them in real life. It’s all entertainment and not real. Taken in that light, I’m sure the show was quite entertaining.

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      • Yeah well, that isn’t at all surprising! Tourism is huge here too; and ha! I used to work in television and worked with some reality show, and Hollywood celebs, so I figured it was hyped and edited, but cool never the less 🙂 I do believe in a lot of these legends and lores as well, but yeah, they’ve been “spinned” out quite a bit. But hey, I love a great story! And I’m a huge fan of cryptozoolology and the like.

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        • That’s really cool! Thanks for sharing that! Do you have a favorite creature to read up about? We have the Illiamna lake monster which is interesting. I think the Loch Ness monster is fascinating too. I could tell you some stories about some of the things I’ve experienced in the mountains of Idaho and the legends here in Alaska about “Bigfoot” or whatever name you prefer. It’s all pretty fascinating, if you have an open mind. I’ve never understood why people will believe that humans turn into “angels” when they die but won’t believe there are strange elusive creatures we don’t know much about. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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        • i know right!? I love all of the stories and finding new ones. like i recently found out about Chupacabra from PR and south america. but i do really enjoy the loch ness monster. big foot/yeti is another, but when i was growing up the jersey devil was a local favorite! and what about the platypus :)) JK but it probably was a crypto discovery, idk. so there you go right?

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  5. Hi, I love these pictures. I don’t get tired of seeing winter scenes. I’m glad to have discovered your blog. Looking forward to seeing your posts in my Reader!

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        • Here in Alaska, spring isn’t great. We call it “break up” or “mud” because of all the ice and snow breaking up and it gets messy. Some years you can’t drive down your driveway because it’s too soft and muddy. I’m sure it’s okay in the city. But nowhere rural or even the smaller cities. Summer, for me, is too hot usually and I’m a pluviophile, so too much sun and I start to get a little depressed. I love the rain and snow. Fortunately winters are long here 💕

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