A Day at the Beach Nature Photography

It’s been a bit warm for me the last few days, nearly reaching 60*F (16c). I took my socks and shoes off and headed for the beach to do some target practice with my pistol and then some walking in tidepools and taking a few shots with my camera instead. I hope you guys enjoy.

Huge slabs of coal on this section of the beach.
Barnacles, limpets, neptunea, clay, cool rocks, and seaweed abound.
Some tidepools look like a whole different world.
A larger pool cascades over the edge of the coal and makes its way into the ocean while mussels cling to the coal’s surface.
Itty-bitty baby neptunea leave trails in the wet sand.
Barnacles, barnacles, barnacles.
Sooo many neptunea. These about the size of a large kumquat or strawberry.
Clay covered coal. Stretching up to the sand/clay on the beach, and the cliffs beyond.
The coal several feet thick, at some point cracked and the movement of the tides has worn it apart and allowed it to shift.
Neptunea, limpets, seaweed, and a broken clam shell, all clinging to the side of the coal slab.
I found it interesting there were baby barnacles lined in a row along the edges of the mussels’ shells. Watching each of the creatures open and closing with the heat of the sun and the moisture evaporating was quite interesting for me to observe.

tara caribou | ©2021

All photos are mine. Unedited and raw.

42 Comments on “A Day at the Beach Nature Photography

    • They certainly used to. Thirty years ago there was life all over the beaches, alllll types and kinds. Now it’s almost a desert. No starfishes. No sea anemones. No little fish. Rarely crabs or clams. Sickly seaweed. Hardly any limpets or mussels. This is the first year in over ten years I’ve seen this much life…. and there was barely any. It’s a sad state of the world that no one really talks about. But I see it first hand. Makes me sad so enjoy what little I find.

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      • We have the same problem with the beaches down here in Santa Cruz, they just don’t have the amount of life that they used to have. Once I saw two coho salmon swimming up the San Lorenzo River and I was absolutely delighted, seeing spawning fish in our river which once numbered around 2 million is like seeing bigfoot.

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    • Well it’s a couple miles to the beach and then I drove down the beach… I dunno… a mile or so. I wanted to do some target practice with my pistol, so I go down where it won’t bother anyone.


  2. Wonderful pictures, Tara. You’ve really captured another world with those. 16c sure is warm. Alaska could become a package beach holiday location if this global warming thing continues. ‘The Benidorm of The North’, ‘The Alaskan Riviera.’

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    • Hahaha! Oh goodness, I hope not! I like the fact there are very few people here! As it is, King Salmon fishing in the rivers opened and suddenly there are a thousand people here that weren’t here two days ago. ahhhh summer in Alaska.


  3. my kinda day out, I love the beach for beachcombing, paddle the tide line, seeing what’s been washed up and just resting my weary eyes on the distant distance 🙂

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  4. Amazing clicks of those beautiful little creatures.
    nature has so many beautiful things to offer!
    The sea has always roused a lot of curiosity in me and it has never failed to surprise me with something new each time.
    Did you discover anything new at the beach this time?

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    • Well the huge slabs of coal were bigger than I’d seen. We have coal all over our beaches but in over 40 years being here, I’ve never seen any that large. It was very cool.


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