Early December Photography

Winter is basically my favorite time of year. The cold, the quiet, the snow. The feeling that everything is fresh and new. Though… well, it’s been a bit colder than I’d prefer, as I write this at 4:30am, it’s -10*F/-23C outside. There’s a thick layer of ice coated on the inside of every window in my house. Strangely, I’ll take this over hot, sunny days always.

I hope you enjoy a couple photos from the last couple weeks.

The volcano as seen from my driveway. That’s 50 miles away.
The light was phenomenal.
Snow bunnies love me…
…and I love them.
Before the snow got several feet deep.
My backyard.
Beautiful sunset, another afternoon with great lighting. Yes, afternoon. This was 4pm.
The lighting on the sea ice…
Last bit of sunset on the clouds.

tara caribou | ©2021 all photos by me

32 Comments on “Early December Photography

  1. Always love the images you share. The beauty is grand but something about all the bunnies are my favorite ones. Fluffy friends you have.

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    • The bunnies are my favorite too! 💕 they bring me much joy… even though a falcon has got a couple of them recently. Down to eight grey ones and two black ones 😩


  2. When I see the word “photography” or “photographs” in the post title in the email notification, I get a surge of joy in anticipation. You do not disappoint. The volcano is drama, and the bunnies are the essence of cute.

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        • Well. As it would have it… I woke up to having run out of heating fuel. So the temps are rapidly dropping in the house. It’s warmed up to 14*F/-10C and started snowing, so I’m thankful for that.

          Hopefully they can deliver fuel today. I spend around $1500-$1800 a year on heating fuel. Depending on how long the winter and how cold. I’d love to get away from fuel oil and I’m hoping when my new house gets built (hopefully next year) it won’t be with oil.

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        • Well that makes me realise how expensive fuel is over here. It doesn’t often fall below freezing yet (and I know that this is including lighting) we probably spend around £2000 a year so given the exchange rate…

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        • Ahhhh okay. Well, might depend on house size too. My house was poorly built and poorly insulated (hence the thick ice inside the windows every winter). My electric is a separate bill. That’s another $1200 per year for a three-bedroom house… I want to say about 1800 sq ft. Which, as I understand it, is low-ish. When I talk to other people their bills are always much higher. I’m not sure how I use less electricity. 🤷🏼‍♀️ And this includes my grow lights. Let’s see… when the fuel oil guy delivered, it was about $3.35 per gallon. Which went up almost a dollar per gallon in less than a year. It’s always like that when a Democrat is in office here though. From what I understand, I’m paying quite a bit less than those in most other states. I’m super thankful for that!

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        • Perspective! Certainly makes more sense. Petrol/diesel over here is about £5.50 per gallon (so a lot more than in the US, but then most of what was ‘found’ in the seas around us was sold off (in the days when profit was everything in politics)). Either way we’re all screwed by the utility companies!

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  4. Awwwwwww bunnies…..adorable. the cold always helps me think clearly. I prefer the cold than the heat. But I have never lived in a snowy climate so I don’t know how I will adapt. The world is serene from what I saw in your photographs.

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