Featured on the Podcast Unraveled Influence

Yesterday I had the opportunity to sit in and chat with the podcast Unraveled Influence. We had a great conversation where we discussed writing, cannabis, the power of the word, and leaving a legacy. The guys even brought up some Bible talk, which is always interesting. Join Andy Morales, Leon Jones, and me for an hour and a half. Available on Audible, Amazon Music, Spotify, YouTube (link below), Apple podcast, and more.

Listen on YouTube.

Let me know in the comments if you get the opportunity to listen and chime in with your thoughts! ~tara

37 thoughts on “Featured on the Podcast Unraveled Influence”

  1. It’s really an enjoyable listen. I got to learn about your motivation behind the publishing for other writers and much more. Towards the end of the episode, it’s quite inspiring to hear your calling for living and cherishing the now. 💚

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  2. I really enjoyed this podcast, Tara, which gave me quite an insight into your motivation. I so get where you’re coming from regarding ‘followers’ on social media!
    I had no idea about your loss – you have my heart-felt thoughts.
    Chris x

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  3. Is there a specific segment with you or is the conversation ongoing with all participants interjecting at different times? I’m having trouble carving out 1.5h but would definitely give it a try if you were able to narrow it down.
    Do you do a lot of podcasting? How was your experience?

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    1. We were in a three-way phone call, so we are all talking just like you would on a couch in a living room somewhere. I totally get not having the time though 😌.

      I have never done a podcast before, though I have been encouraged to. My experience was a positive one, though I was not… enthusiastic about doing it.. Leon, who has become my friend over the years, was really wanting to do this, so I agreed. Both of the guys are very respectful and kind and didn’t talk over each other (as I’ve heard quite a few podcast folks do), which I really appreciate. They did ask if I would do this again and I… reluctantly agreed again lol. I’m not a huge fan of myself, so it’s not easy to say yes to something like this. But overall I walked away positive.

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      1. I think the fact that you agreed to do it again speaks volumes. It’s quite easy for me to try something and afterward say ‘not for me.’ For sometimes, I still have some hope that that might become something fun and I try it again. Until I realize that I really don’t like it after all (at least at that moment in time), or that I do.

        I am currently a part of 2 different religious groups. Both started great. One makes it a point to include everyone in conversation, the other… not as much. So, I am re-evaluating. We shall see.

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      2. Oh I totally hear you there, Goldie. Over the years I’ve participated in multiple home groups, etc. Some, as you say, pretty successful and some not so much. Still we keep trying, right!?

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to listen, Mark! They actually are having me back on the podcast in a couple days.

      I hope you’re doing alright. I think about you often and always happy to see a post from you in my feed. 😌

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      1. Wonderful, do follow up with the next instalment…though i might get hooked 🙂
        And thank you, my erratic postings of late. But i too enjoy seeing your new offerings, like getting sweets. And your photography really ensnares me.

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  4. I was finally able to listen tonight & it was so wonderful to hear your voice & really take in all you were speaking about. I can’t wait to listen to part 2. Thanks so much for speaking your heart. This was an incredibly enjoyable listen.

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    1. Jennifer! Thank you SO much for listening! That means a lot. There’s a lot more coming from Raw Earth Ink this year which I’m excited to share soon… Andy at Unraveled Influence has been a real inspiration and super nice, helpful guy. His heart for the writing community is a treasure and it’s been awesome to be able to talk to him several times now.

      I am honestly touched you spent some time listening. Thank you. 😌

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      1. I really like what he’s doing & plan on going back to listen to the other episodes as well. It’s wonderful to create a space for poetry & arts & I love what he said about it being a community.

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