Autumn Colors Photography

The snow could show up any day… in the meantime, I am loving these bright autumn colors.

Snapped from the car while driving north to the city.
“Termination Dust” makes its way down the mountain.
Looking up… and up.. and up..
Favorite part of the road home. Almost there.
Recent double-bow made an extended appearance.

tara caribou | ©2022 all photos by me

14 Comments on “Autumn Colors Photography

  1. These are truly beautiful photos, Tara! ‘Snapped from the car’ would make a great album cover. God’s creation is amazing! And a double rainbow is always a mysterious joy 🙂

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    • Yeah. I thought the car window one would turn out blurry but it looks great! I love the clouds on the mountainside.

      The rainbow just appeared (as they do) bright and glorious. The photo doesn’t show the other end… I guess I should have shared that one… where I was sitting ending right in a cottonwood tree on the hill. But I could see where it appeared to touch the water: so cool!

      I am often in so much awe and just speechless or else pouring forth blessings, thanks, and praise. How could I do anything different?!!

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  2. Lovely shots of idylic (if, no doubt, somewhat chilly) scenes, Tara. Still very mild over here – in the low teens (centigrade that is!) – and even some sunshine.

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    • Hi Goldie… nah, where I live it’s mostly green (with the spruce) and yellow (alders, birch, willow, cottonwood, aspen). The only red comes in from the fireweed and upper elevation mosses/lichen.

      I do love the oranges and reds that I saw in the lower 48. So vibrant and varied!! But that isn’t what my autumn is like. I am perfectly happy with what I have.

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    • Come on up! Wellll… it’s too late now. Had a big wind day, all the leaves are gone. And it’s snowed a couple times (though it hasn’t stuck yet).


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