Different Skies Photography

The sky sure can look different with the various days and conditions. I’ve always been a sky-watcher. These photos are shared without any manipulation or special settings.

(Snow coming down the volcano 💕)
Through the glass.
I love the angle of the light on the water, in this one.
Clouds here… and over there.
Sun halo with a bright sun dog. Seeing these more and more frequently as they continue to spray the skies.

In the early morning hours on the 27th, I noticed a bright overall light shining in around the corners of the window shades and looked out to see one of the most spectacular auroras I’ve ever seen. This was in top ten for me. From my 360-sky-view, I estimate I was able to see them 120-degrees of that. Widespread, bright, and dancing.

Now… you may remember that this spring I knocked my real camera over on its tripod and damaged it. It can no longer focus properly and the bottom is broken so the mounting nut broke out…. Sighhhh… but I tried! I took the camera out… I thought, hey, it’s SO bright *maybe* it’ll get something to share.

Nope. Black screen.

Okay, so I take my iPhone out, which I have never been able to get great photos with and never night photos. It’s “old” by phone standards. But, again, hoping, because it was So Bright out, maybe it would get something… well.. surprisingly, it DID get something. The faintest whiff of yellow. Blurry. Dim. And unless I told you what it was, you’d never know. Double-sigh.

I watched from about 2:30-5am. Longest show I’ve seen. Remember, I’m fairly far south as far as really amazing auroras go… it was a moment I won’t easily forget.

The next morning, I sought out nearby folks to see if anyone would share some photos (because there are a LOT of real photographers and artists in Alaska). Sure enough. I found someone who got a couple great shots. Here’s one:

Image courtesy of a ‘neighbor’.

That’s what I’m talking about!

Take care, tara caribou | ©2022 all photos by me, with the exception of the aurora photo

21 Comments on “Different Skies Photography

  1. More beautiful photos. Loving all the photography you’re sharing! Being a fellow nature lover I always enjoy such posts. Thank you, Tara, and have a wonderful day/night!

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