Learning my new camera

I’m playing around with my new camera when I have a few minutes here and there. While I have a ton of stuff to learn with all the settings, I’m enjoying the experience with a lot more failures than successes at the moment. Here are few from recent days….

Definition on the volcano.
About 75 miles away… I’ve never been able to see this mountain before in such detail.
First real snow of the year and we get 8-inches in about one day.
One brave bunny breaks the trail.
This won’t be my backyard for much longer.
Puffball babies soaking up the sun.
(taken through the window)
Another puffball.
(taken through window)
Alaska has one kind of mouse and this is it.
Meadow jumping mouse.
(taken through window)
Those little paws…
Regal & majestic.
I like the snowflakes on his fur.
Pygmy shrew.
Compare it’s head-size to the bunny poo next to it!
They’re tiny!

tara caribou | ©2022 all photos by me

28 Comments on “Learning my new camera

    • It’s wonderful! It hasn’t been over 30* for about two weeks. Last night it was 6* and needless to say, I left my water running so the pipes don’t freeze.

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  1. Such cute photos of wildlife you have here, and, with each and every click of that shutter, you’re, becoming, a more experienced photographer than before.

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    • Yes! It’s been quite an experiment. I’m looking forward to really getting out and about with it once I learn the settings better.


  2. Why won’t it be your backyard for long? Are you moving?
    Beautiful photos. The snowy ones took me back. As a kid, getting a lot of snow overnight was annoying (hard to walk), but getting just a dusting left us hungry for more.

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    • Hi Goldie! Yes, I love the snow. I love it when it dumps a bunch. After this photo, we go another six inches.

      I have been on a waiting list for four years to get low-income housing through my local tribe. They finished the house just the other day annnnddd actually, signed paperwork today!! Yeahhh! I’ll properly be MIA for a few weeks as I move. (It’s just a couple miles away.)

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  3. Incredible photographs as always, Tara. Pleased to hear you are getting on well with your new camera. Most of us just use our smart phones now, including me. But evidently a proper camera is still far superior. Have you ever climbed that volcano? Alaska’s bunnies never cease to amaze me. That shrew is a remarkable creature. It would never allow me to get so close.

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    • Thanks Guy! I just was going through another photo batch from yesterday, I’ll be making a soon-ish post with some of them. It’s just a fun hobby.

      In regards to climbing the volcanoes… no. Several of them are classified active and in the last forty years I’ve experienced half a dozen eruptions from them. Also, they are across the inlet and there are no roads or towns over there. Way behind them off in the tundra there are a few small villages that one can fly into, generally with less than a hundred people within. But those are hundreds of miles away. No one lives near the mountain range. But they sure are pretty to look at (and photograph!)


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